Days 4-6: Friends and Food

Weight Loss: 5.5 lbs / 2.49 kgs

Total Loss: 15.7 lbs / 7.1 kgs

Height: 5”7

Age: 25

Day 4

I woke up this morning and noticed that I had started my period. I know, I know… too much information, but this is important for me. Whenever I’m on my period, I’m usually  2 to 3 pounds heavier. Because of this, I will be waiting 3-5 days to weigh myself. Once I do, I will update my total weight loss for this fast.

Mind: Entertaining the Idea of a 40 Day Fast

Today, I kept my mind active by reading articles, blogs, studies, and testimonies about prolonged fasts. I also listened to some homilies by Fr. Chad Ripperger on Youtube. In one of his homilies he said that it takes roughly 3 weeks to break a vice, and then another 3 weeks to build the virtue contrary to that vice. That is about 40 days!

The more I read and think about extended fasting, the more intrigued I am becoming. Maybe…just maybe…40 days will be my new extended fasting goal!

Body: Tired and Lightheaded

I woke up around 6 a.m., looked at my ZeroFasting tracker, and saw that I had hit 87 hours of fasting. I like visuals, so I downloaded an app to help me track my fasted hours. I did not feel hungry when I woke up, but I was very tired. I’m certain that the tiredness is a result of my period, so I’m not worried about that.

Throughout the day I noticed that every time I stood up, I would feel lightheaded. For example, I was sitting on the couch reading a book, but then I stood up from the couch as I normally would and a 5 second wave of lightheadedness came over me. Today, this happened every time I got up too fast.

The solution? From now on I will be standing up slowly, and I will also try to drink more water, including water with sea salt in order to replenish my electrolytes.

Days 5 & 6: Fatigue

Today my mind was clear, but my body was tired for the first 6 hours of the day. I started my day off with sea salt water in one of my favorite cups. The cup says…

If you’re a Jane Austen fan, you’ll know where this comes from 😉

Back to my sea salt water. The sea salt water helped a bit with my energy levels. However, today I noticed that I am getting fatigued quickly. For example, before the fast, I could easily carry 4 gallons of water; two gallons in one hand and two in the other.

Today, I went grocery shopping, and purchased 7 one gallon water bottles. When I got to the house, I took the groceries in first. Once all the groceries were in, I went back to the car to get the water bottles. I picked up the water bottles the way I would usually pick them up. I took two in one hand, two in the other, and put one under my left arm.

I don’t like going back and forth to the car, so I try to carry as many things as I possibly can! But this time, things were different. My muscles were tired, my eyes were tired, and my legs were dragging. I was very close to dropping one of the water bottles. At that point, I knew that I couldn’t do a lot of strenuous work. Maybe sporadically, but not all at one time.

A Get Together With Friends

On a lighter note, my siblings and I were invited to a get together at one of our friend’s house in the evening today. Guess what? There was food there! It was potluck style, and the majority of our friends who attended the get together are foreign exchange students from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, and Turkey.

When we arrived, the smell of curry and spices infiltrated my nostrils. It smelled so good. The interesting thing is, although the food smelled good, I was not tempted to eat any of it, including the scrumptious looking dessert.

The Memory of the Taste Of Food

One thing I am realizing the longer I fast is that it is much easier for me to enjoy the smell and look of food, without feeling like I have to devour it. In the past, every single time I would break my fast prematurely I would think, “This food was good, but it was not worth breaking my fast. Why did I break my fast?”

What I’ve found is that the memory of the taste of food is often times more appealing than the food itself.

Don’t get me wrong. I still like food, but I’m finding that our minds, and the company we have when we are eating, can make food taste either really good or really bad.

Nonetheless, I briefly considered breaking my fast so as to not be rude, but eventually decided to tell my friends that I was fasting. I told them because I didn’t want them to feel offended if they saw that I wasn’t trying their food. Thankfully, half of my friends who were at the get together are Muslim, so they understood and were supportive because of their experience with fasting during Ramadan. They felt bad that they were eating around me, but it actually didn’t bother me at all!

In this case, fasting was a personal decision. I don’t want people to feel bad for a decision I made.

Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun tonight! There was tons of laughter, dad jokes, many half-played games, singing, guitar playing, and looking at the stars. The precious moments of the night, filled the void that I would have typically filled with food. Not only that, I had more energy because I didn’t have any food in my system!

3 Hours of Sleep

We left our friend’s house around 3:30 a.m. My energy levels were fine, but I was tired enough to go to sleep. I was, however woken up by my mom around 6:40 a.m to run an errand, so I had only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I went about the next 5-6 hours sleepily.

At 12 noon, my family gathered at my grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner. My mom had baked ribs with soy sauce, keto cauliflower and cheese, and she also made keto fruit salad.

Again, the food looked and smelled delicious, but I said to myself, I will have this, but not today.” I decided to have beef bone broth with tumeric, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper with two tablespoons of heavy cream so that I can “eat” with the family.

The rest of the day went well. I got to spend time with the family, and was able to get some more reading in!

I’ve also started tracking what I have been experiencing spiritually on this fast, however long it’s going to be. Links of my previous posts are below.

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  1. Sorry Bebe it took me long to visit your blog. I am so proud of you. Awesome job, to God be the honor and glory. Love your lay out. I have a request: more pictures and I would love to hear your voice. Love you:)

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