Days 11-12: My Siblings Started Fasting!

Weight Loss: -2 lbs

Total Loss: 21 lbs

Height: 5”7

Age: 25


My mind continues to be clear and alert. However, I do not think I have reached the point in my fast where most people say they experience a “euphoric state” where all of their senses become heightened. According to the experience of others, it does not typically happen until about week 3 or 4. Who knows? I may not experience it. Needless to say, I did not have any brain fog this morning. It was very easy to get out of bed.


These past two days upon waking, I felt no hunger. Since I started intermittent fasting a couple years ago, I’ve learned that one grows accustomed to the feeling of hunger. In the past, if I went a day without doing some form of intermittent fasting, I ended up missing the feeling of hunger. It might sound strange to some people, but having an empty stomach is a great feeling!

Wal Mart Fatigue

On Day 11, I went to Wal Mart. I was there for about an hour, and I started noticing that I was beginning to feel fatigued. After being there for about 40 minutes, my legs began to feel weaker.

I Did Not Want to Drink Water

By the time I got to the car after walking around the store, I knew my body was thirsty, but I had no desire to drink anything. I’ve been feeling like this for the past two days. Even a cup of tea or coffee are unappealing to me! However, I forced myself to drink a cup of water regardless of how I felt in order to avoid dehydration.

My Siblings Started Fasting Too!

From Wal Mart, I went to my house to pick up a book and say hello to my parents. When I walked through the door, my parents told me that my younger siblings, (aged 17 & 14), both did 24 hour fasts! I was so proud of them. It is the little things that encourage me to keep going, and today, my encouragement was my little brother and sister.

My younger siblings ❤

My First Cramp and Mustard

As soon as I got into the car to go back to my grandmother’s house, I got my FIRST cramp. This was my first cramp since I started this fast. I had to pause for about 15 seconds before pulling out of the driveway. This was the most eventful thing has happened these past couple of days! So…there ya go 🙂

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