Days 7-10: My Aunt Joined Me!

Weight Loss: 3.3 lbs

Total Loss: 19 lbs

Height: 5”7

Age: 25



I was reading up on other people’s experiences with 40 day fasts, and some, during the first and second weeks, had cramps, headaches, and were vomiting. I am pleased to say that I am blessed to not have experienced any of that! For days 7 – 10 the word that can best describe my mind is “alert.”


I had stronger hunger pangs on Day 7, but they were not difficult to overlook. The feeling of fatigue still hits me if I over exert myself, as well as lightheadedness if I stand up too quickly. Even something as simple as putting my grandmother’s wheelchair in the trunk is more difficult than usual.

My Sleep

Another awesome part of this fast is that, I find that the longer I fast, the less sleep I need. This week I noticed that I’ve only been getting 4-5 hours of sleep, but I feel wide awake and energized during the day.

Black Coffee is My New Fave

Up until Day 8, I was able to drink one cup of coffee with 1-2 tablespoons of heavy cream. Amazingly though, on Day 8, I couldn’t even drink half of my coffee with heavy cream. In fact, every time I took a sip of my coffee, I would become utterly turned off by it. I now prefer to drink black coffee! That is very unusual for me.

My Aunt Jumped On Board!

Guess what? On Day 8….my aunty joined me! She has a goal of fasting for 7 days. If she feels like she can go longer by the 7th day, then she will keep going. I’m so excited because I have a partner now! This will make the rest of the fast easier to get through…I think.

My Aunt ❤

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