Days 29-38: I Passed Out


  1. Day 29-36: No Longer Turned Off By Liquids
  2. Nausea & Menstruation
  3. Bowel Movement
  4. Day 39: Emergency Hospital Visit
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. Total Weight Loss

Day 29 – 36: No Longer Turned Off By Liquids

Nothing much has changed, but something amazing happened on the evening of Day 32. I am no longer turned off by liquids! I can drink water, coffee, tea, and Powerade Zeros without feeling grossed out by them. It is nice to not have to force myself to drink liquids.

Days 37-38: Nausea & Menstruation

On Day 37, I experienced nausea. I felt as if I wanted to throw up all day, and was once again turned off by ALL liquids as well as cream cheese. The sight or smell of rich foods made me want to throw up.

For example, on the morning of Day 37, I was making my mom some chaffles, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. Last week, I would have enjoyed the smell of the food, but on Day 37, that was not the case. The desire to throw up surfaced twice on this day. I would hasten to the bathroom, lean over the toilet, but nothing would come out. Then again, I haven’t been eating, so why would I throw up? (duh).

However, I think I have discovered part of the reason why I have been feeling turned off by the smell of food and liquids. The answer is, today, Day 38, I started menstruating. Typically, the days leading up to my period, I would crave certain types of foods. Yesterday and today, I did not crave a single thing.

Truth be told, I was not expecting to start menstruating because last month, I did not have my period. That was the first time I had missed a period since I started menstruating at the age of 12. I assumed that I wasn’t going to have my period for at least 2 months as a result of this prolonged fast because that is what other women have experienced… but I was wrong. I guess I am an exception.

Bowel Movement

Usually, the week of my period I feel less hungry and tend to crave fruits and vegetables. Right now, I am not craving anything, and instead have been feeling weak and nauseous. Earlier today, I also felt as if there was something in my stomach that needed to come out. Long story short, I had a bowel movement, and although I felt better afterwards, the nausea has not gone away. Right now, I think I’m due for a nap.

Day 39: Emergency Hospital Visit

As I am writing this, I am already 4 days out of this prolonged fast. (The rest of the story is taking place after my nap, which ended up being 3 and a half hours long)

I fell asleep around 5:30 p.m. and did not wake up until about 8 p.m. Around 9 p.m. my brother and I were cleaning the kitchen when I started to feel extremely nauseated. I didn’t say anything to my brother because I thought it would go away. I sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen because I was starting to feel lightheaded and my stomach began cramping really badly.

Was already feeling better by this time

I stood up and I tried to walk quickly to my room to lay down, but needed to pause right by the door of the bedroom because of the lightheadedness. Next thing you know, I opened my eyes and I was lying on the ground with my head against the wall. My siblings called 911, and the rest of the story will be found in the video below.

Final Thoughts

Now looking back, I did not do this fast as safely as I could have, especially the 2 days leading up to my hospital visit. I drank little to no water during those days. I stopped drinking things that would balance my electrolytes, and overall, I obviously wasn’t paying attention to the signals my body was sending me. I should have stopped fasting once I started feeling nauseated, but I didn’t!

Did this experience deter me from believing that fasting is good for me?

No. But it has taught me to be more attentive to my body, and to eat foods that will supply my body with the nutrients it needs.

Will this deter me from doing another extended fast?

No. I probably won’t be aiming for a 40 day fast, but sporadic 3 day fasts are in my radar. If I do decide in the future to do a fast that is longer than 7 days, I will do it under medical supervision.

Despite the unfortunate way my fast ended, it has taught me a lot about myself. I had no idea that this fast would show me how to love on a deeper level (Days I am grateful for every second of it.

Total Weight Loss

I actually lost 35 pounds, but gained 5 pounds back once I started eating.

5 Thoughts

  1. Please do get on a physicians based diet. When I was in my 30s I lost 50 pounds very quickly and started to hemmorage. The doctor said my hormones were out of balance and we quickly fixed the problem. I guess the lesson is our bodied will tolerate only so much. We need as you say to give our bodies what it needs.
    Take good care of yourself and remember how beautiful you are at any weight.

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