Days 22-28: Samoa…”The Fattest Place On Earth”


  1. Mind and Body
  2. Clear Eyes & Whiter Teeth
  3. What is autophagy?
  4. What is the best way to activate autophagy?
  5. Samoa: “The Fattest Place on Earth”
  6. The Biggest Problem With The Samoan Diet in Present Day
  7. Conclusion: Resolution to Live Healthily

Mind and Body

These past six days have been similar. I have not experienced anything unusual, painful, or out of the ordinary. Everything about these days have been smooth sailing for me. My mind is still the same…clear.

Clear Eyes & Whiter Teeth

In my Days 15-21 Vlog I mention that prior to this fast, I had strips of yellow that ran horizontally through both of my eyes. I am glad to say that my eyeballs are white. I no longer have that yellow tint. I’m so happy about that!

My eyes were not obviously yellow, but if you looked close enough, you could see it.

I am going to guess that the yellowness in my eyes had something to do with the food I ate growing up, and the healthiness of my liver. I believe that the process of autophagy had something to do with the whitening of my eyes.

What is autophagy?

The word autophagy is derived from two Greek words, auto (self) and phagein (to eat). This word literally means “to eat oneself.” Autophagy pushes the body to clean out junk that was and has been accumulating in our cells over the days, weeks, and years.

It’s like cleaning out the trash in your home. For instance, once a week a garbage truck comes by my house to pick up the trash my family and I have accumulated throughout the week. If it were not for waste systems, our house would be full of trash, stinky, and hard to walk around. The walls of our house would probably be yellow from all the trash, and our house would not be functional or safe to live in.

This same analogy can be applied to our bodies. Autophagy cleans out all of the trash that our cells have been carrying around. If the junk in our cells is never cleaned out, the inside of our bodies would, in a sense, be full of trash and super stinky. I believe that autophagy is what has healed whatever it was that was giving my eyes a yellow tint.

(Dr. Maggs, a General Practitioner, explains this well in the video down below. He was actually a formerly obese doctor, whom has implemented intermittent fasting and keto into his life, which is why I started watching his videos)

What is the Best Way to Activate Autophagy?

As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise.” The best way to activate autophagy is FASTING.

Dr. Fung (2016) says:

…fasting (raises glucagon) provides the greatest known boost to autophagy. Fasting is actually far more beneficial than just stimulating autophagy. It does two good things. By stimulating autophagy, we are clearing out all our old, junky proteins and cellular parts. At the same time, fasting also stimulates growth hormone, which tells our body to start producing some new snazzy parts for the body. We are really giving our bodies the complete renovation.

Therefore, my body is experiencing a “complete renovation.” How exciting is that! I can assume that my eyes no longer have a yellow tint in them because something in my body (perhaps my liver) has been renovated. My skin is clear (although I’ve never had bad skin), my blackheads are disappearing, and my teeth are whiter.

Paracelsus, a physician, lay theologian, alchemist, and philosopher from the 15th century, said:

“Fasting is the greatest remedy – the physician within.”

Samoa: “The Fattest Place on Earth”

As I’ve mentioned in my Days 7-14 Vlog, my primary motivations for following through with this fast, are the health of my family and my people. However, after watching “My 600-lb Life” my horizons have broadened.

Two years ago, after I had learned about keto and fasting, I ran into a documentary that took place in Samoa titled, “The Fattest Place on Earth: Unreported World.”

The video talked about how Samoa has some of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world. In the documentary, a researcher from New Zealand went to the islands to help Samoan people change their diets. She advised them to eat a low carbohydrate and low fat diet. The documentary followed a handful of people who were being coached by this researcher. They were required to exercise with the help of a fitness trainer. The exercise was intense, and the people participating in this lady’s program were all obese.

I hated seeing my people being tortured. Okay…perhaps “tortured” is a little extreme, but after learning that fat (good fat) is not bad, and that it can keep you satiated a lot longer, I became annoyed that they were being advised to avoid consuming coconut milk, chicken thighs, lamb chops, and butter! So far, my experience with eating the fat that comes naturally from food is, I am satiated for longer periods of time, and am actually able without much difficulty.

The Biggest Problem With the Samoan Diet in Present Day

In present day, not only are Samoan people, overall, eating good fats and the food that is native to the land, but they are also consuming soda, donuts, cookies, ice cream, chips, pizza, pastries, Mcdonalds, and all things sugar/carbs. I am aware that this does not apply to ALL Samoan people. In fact, one side of my family is into health, fitness, and proper nutrition. However, I’m speaking from what I’ve observed growing up and this tends to be generally true.

All of these foods are nutritionally HORRIBLE for anyone to consume consistently. I’m not saying that we have to cut these foods out completely. I do not believe that an ice cream sundae, a roll of sushi, or a slice of pizza once a month, or once every other month, will hurt my health IF I have been eating healthily the majority of the time. The problem will come in when I make these foods part of my every day diet.

Conclusion: Resolution to Live Healthily

I have made a resolution to continue to live healthily after I complete this fast. I have to! I can’t let this fast go to waste.

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