My Name is Aloisia Toilolo…

And I am a young, Samoan woman who is passionate about helping people with their physical and spiritual health.

Story Time: The Roller Coaster Embarrassment

It was the end of my 6th grade year in May of 2007. I was about 5″4 – 5″5 at the time, weighing in at 255 lbs. I was insecure, self-conscious, and I always remember feeling like I didn’t “fit in.” I grew up with a musically gifted family, so naturally, I gravitated towards the musical electives offered in school. In the 6th grade I chose choir as one of my electives. At the end of the school year, Mrs. Martin, the 6th through 8th grade band and choir teacher, incorporated within her syllabus, an annual end of the year field trip to Six Flags Amusement Park for her students.

The day of the field trip, I woke up at 4 in the morning to get my things packed and ready for the long day which began with a five hour bus ride to California.

To make a long story a little shorter, as soon as we arrived to the amusement park and passed through security, my friends and I ran from roller coaster to roller coaster. We screamed, we laughed, we drank soda, and snacked on lots candy in between.

Next thing you know, seven hours of fun flew by. It was starting to get dark, and the time for heading back to the buses for roll call was approaching quickly. One of my friends and I looked at each other and said, “Let’s go on one more.” We made our way to the closest roller coaster and waited in line for about 10-15 minutes.

I’m Not Okay

Finally it was our turn to load the roller coaster. We walked to our seats full of excitement, hopped up, and pulled down the top part of the seat in order to get buckled in fully. But there was a problem. I was having trouble pulling mine all the way down. One of the guys who was in charge of making sure people were buckled in, was making his rounds and noticed that I was struggling. He came and tried to help me, but I said, “No. It’s okay.” He said, “No. We got this.” I said insistently, “No really. It’s okay.”

My friend started to unbuckle her seat belt to leave the ride with me, but I said to her, “No. It’s okay.” I walked away embarrassed, mortified, and ashamed. I was 10x more insecure about my weight and how I looked. I fought back every tear that tried to escape my eyes.

When my friend came off the ride, she looked as sad as I felt on the inside. She felt badly for me and tried to comfort me, but I kept fake smiling and saying, “I’m okay.”

On the bus ride back home when the bus driver turned off the lights, I turned towards the window, covered the side of my face with my pillow, and allowed my tears to silently stream down my cheeks.

I wasn’t okay.

Packing on the Pounds

From that point on, the weight continued to creep up. From 6th-8th grade, I gained 10-15 pounds. In the Summer after my 8th grade year, I put on another 15-20 pounds. However, during my Freshman year of high school, I stepped on the scale and knew I had to change. I took to Google and started to learn more about my body, exercise, and diet. I slowly lost 60-70 lbs throughout the next 9 years by experimenting with different diets and exercise regimes.

The Birth of this Blog

In 2018, I was introduced to the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. After two years of flirting with this way of life, I decided to commit to it 100% this year, 2020. It was the first diet that made sense to me and that I personally found to be sustainable.

During those two years of being non-committal, I flooded my brain with information on the ketogenic diet and fasting. I also experimented with keto, intermittent fasting, and extended fasting throughout those years.

When 2020 rolled around, I knew that I was ready to commit more fully to my physical and spiritual health. I wanted to go all in and do something I had never done before. I said to myself, “Alright. It’s time to shoot for a 7 day fast.” Little did I know that my 7 day fast would turn into 38 Days, giving birth to this blog.

The name “Fasting 4U” is the name of the Instagram page I created the first week of my fast for extra accountability. I named it “Fasting 4U” because one my primary motivations for following through with the extended fast…

was you.

Without further ado, follow me as I disclose the good, the bad, and the ugly of my 38 Day Fast and more.